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Gabapentin is similar in structure to GABA, but does not affect its metabolism in any way. Once in the body, it combines with alpha-2-beta subunits of voltage-dependent calcium channels, which leads to a decrease in the flow of calcium ions and a decrease in the likelihood of developing neuropathic pain.

Antiepileptic drugs, including gabapentin, may increase the risk of suicidal ideation or behavior. Therefore, patients receiving these drugs should be carefully monitored for the occurrence or worsening of depression, the appearance of suicidal thoughts or behavior, and for any changes in behavior. In the event of acute pancreatitis with gabapentin, the possibility of discontinuation should be assessed.

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Joint administration of Neurontin with other drugs does not cause clinically significant reactions from the body or changes in the mechanism of action of drugs.


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Gabapentin is licensed in the US for the treatment of focal seizures and post-herpetic neuralgia, and in the UK for the treatment of focal seizures and neuropathic pain.



In a new study published in the journal Brain, scientists at Ohio State University suggest that the drug gabapentin, currently prescribed to control seizures and reduce neuralgia, could speed up movement recovery after stroke, helping neurons on the intact side of the brain take over the signaling work of lost cells. Scientists have previously found that gabapentin blocks the activity of a protein that, with increased levels of expression after brain or spinal cord injury, prevents axons from regrowth.

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The main focus of treatment after ischemic stroke is to restore blood flow in the brain as quickly as possible, but this study suggests that gabapentin has no role at this acute stage: the recovery results were the same, regardless of whether treatment began an hour or a day after the stroke. Instead, the drug's effects appear in certain motor neurons whose axons transmit signals from the central nervous system to the body.


A clinical trial of adjuvant partial seizure therapy in children aged 3 to 12 years demonstrated quantitative but statistically unreliable differences in the incidence of 50% reduction in the number of seizures in the gabapentin group compared to the placebo group. An additional analysis of response rates by age (when considering age as a continuous variable or when identifying two age subgroups: 3-5 years and 6-12 years) did not reveal a statistically significant effect of age on the effectiveness of therapy.